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January 12


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You were busy sparing with Zoro while everyone was waiting for supper. You had a lightning Devil fruit but you didn’t use it while sparing because the last time you did that you and Zoro got a scolding from Nami and Franky had to fix the ENTIRE ship. You and Zoro both used three sword style and were very evenly matched which you found beyond frustrating because there never was a true winner. Lately the ‘sparing’ had become more heated, you two were literally most of the time nose to nose. This particularly built up a lot of tension between the two of you. You two would quite often end up rolling on the floor, which would end the fight with Sanji kicking Zoro off you and the two of them fighting.

You couldn’t quite figure out what type of tension the tension was, but you decided to leave it alone because you didn’t want to actually find out.
Sanji came out of the kitchen “Suppers ready!” Everyone jumped up and made it to the kitchen except you and Zoro. “(name) and I just want to finish our sparing first, baka chef.” Sanji growled and bit his tongue from saying something very rude in front of you. “ok, Morihimo but if you hurt her I’ll kick your-“ “Sanji!~, would you get your sorry butt in here!” shouted Nami from the kitchen ,cutting Sanji off. “Yes Nami-swan!~” Sanji replied ,just about floating into the kitchen. You snorted at how rude Nami could be to poor push-overs like Sanji ‘Shame man’ you thought.

You were snapped out of your thoughts from Zoro lunging at you full force. You gritted your teeth as you blocked but managed to force him off. Zoro’s expression was different for a second. He looked angry in that second but changed into  a poker-face so you couldn’t be sure.

While you were fighting Zoro his moves had become quite forceful and sloppier than his normal perfection in sword skills. He lunged at you and pinned you to the ground. You had had enough about now. “What the hell is your problem?!” you said in a loud whisper to not attract Sanji’s attention. “Why should I have to tell you you would obviously prefer to be with Sanji right now!” he responded in the same whisper. “What the-, what are you going on about?” Zoro snorted. “You staring at Sanji like some love sick puppy.” “First off I don’t see Sanji AT ALL in that way, I just feel sorry for the nitwit and 2nd why would you care?” “Wait so you don’t like him?” “yes I do not like him, now answer my question.” Zoro smirked and chucked his sword out his mouth and you did the same. He leaned down next to your ear and pinned your hands and swords to the ground beside your head with his swords. He chuckled in your ear sending shivers down your back “Because your MINE..”  he said and stuck his tongue out giving your ear a lick. You both instantly dropped your blades and entangled yourselves with each other and sat upright so you where in his lap. You had one hand in his silky, green hair and the other was clawing at his bare back. He had both his strong arms wrapped around you tightly. His one hand wondered down and gave your firm butt a squeeze ,making you bite down on his tongue softly since he stuck his tongue in your mouth the minute your lips touched. You two broke, he was grinning at you “ You know I love you.” “Yes and I love you too.” He chuckled “why don’t we do some ‘hand-to-hand’ combat in the crow’s-nest and skip supper?” You smiled mischievously at him and leaned down next to his ear “I warn you, I’ll make scream.” He growled and picked you up  and made it up the crow’s-nest in record time.
Hope you all love it!Love  Might make part 2 lemon ,you guys tell me:happybounce: Italy (Free Hug) [V2]

I do not own Zoro or any members of the crew all rights go to Eiichiro Oda
and you belong to Zoro Zoro Animation 001 
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